51 Funny and Inspiring Diabetes Quotes and Slogans

Diabetes Quotes

Today’s Post is Dedicated to all the Health Enthusiastic People all around the World. Yes, We are Talking about the Disease also known as SLOW POISON – DIABETES. Diabetes is very Common Disease in 21st Century. People don’t take Healthy Life style Seriously and follow very Bad Diet. Eventually, they put themselves in Trouble with Many Disease.

So, Have a Look at this Diabetes Quotes and Slogans that will make you more aware of Health.

“Diabetes is passed that way over and down, like a knight in chess.”

“Diabetes: Don’T Sugar Coat It.”

“A Spoon Full Of Insulin Helps The Sugar Go Down.”

“I think I can wipe out diabetes.” – Robert Atkins

“Heredity is nothing but stored environment.”

“Common sense is in medicine the master workman.”

Diabetes Quotes

“Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow.”

“We’re all moving at such a high rate that we have to grab the frozen dinners and the McDonald’s. We can’t make it a way of life – we have to get back to real, simple, clean good foods. It will save our lives on so many levels; not just spina bifida, but obesity, diabetes, everything. Food is our medicine.” – Nicole Ari Parker

“A life without sweets is not much worth living.”

“I Am Waiting For Apple To Come Out With The Ipump.”

“When I first found out I had diabetes I denied it.”

Diabetes Quotes

Diabetic Quotes

“I should have titled it “Diet Like Your Life Depended On It!” because it’s about so much more than just beating Diabetes.”

“The Definition Of Insanity is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting Different Results.”

“Trying to manage diabetes is hard because if you don’t, there are consequences you’ll have to deal with later in life.”

“Duck The Highs, Duck The Lows, Duck The Diabetes.”

“Getting my lifelong weight struggle under control has come from a process of treating myself as well as I treat others in every way.” – Oprah Winfrey

Diabetes Quotes

“I’M Not Ill, My Pancreas Is Just Lazy.”

“My goal is people associate November with COPD awareness month as much as they notice October with breast cancer and pink. That’d be a great thing if it happened. The fact that COPD kills more people than breast cancer and diabetes put together should raise some red flags.”

“We can arrange better expectations and better circumstances beginning with the fact that we need not be who we are now; we can be better.”

“Diabetes is a great example whereby, giving the patient the tools, you can manage yourself very well.”

Diabetes Quotes

Inspiring Diabetes Slogans

“What Doesn’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger.”

“Diabetics Are Naturally Sweet.”

“Health and intellect are the two blessings of life.”

“Health is Very Cheap and Readily Available, but it is not Commercially as Viable as Illness.”

“Diabetes, It’S Only A Word Not A Sentence. So Live freely.”

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”

Diabetes Quotes

“Diabetes is a lousy, Very lousy disease.”

“I got into being vegan because I was simply looking to benefit from being more compassionate. I have since come to learn that it is an animal-based diet that is responsible for the overwhelming majority of cases of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, multiple sclerosis, and all kinds of other problems.”

“Growing up, coming to terms with, and living through the complications of Diabetes.”

“Never Underestimate The Power Of A Diabetic.”

“Doctors are just the same as lawyers; the only difference is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you.”

“My Pancreas Runs On Aaa Batteries.”

Diabetes Quotes

Health Quotes and Slogans

“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.”

“Insulin is not a cure for diabetes; it is a treatment. It enables the diabetic to burn sufficient carbohydrates, so that proteins and fats may be added to the diet in sufficient quantities to provide energy for the economic burdens of life.”

“I was determined to share my positive approach and not let diabetes stand in the way of enjoying my life.” – Paula Deen

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.”

“Eat well, drink in moderation, and sleep sound, in these three good health abound.”

“Together We Can Surely Stop Diabetes.”

Diabetes Quotes

“Get off the Medical System and onto the Self Care System.”

“Ants always eat sweet food … but none of them haven’t diabetes ?”

“I Wear Grey For Someone Who Means The World To Me.”

“I May Look Sweet But I Have A Needle.”

“To safeguard one’s health at the cost of too strict a diet is a tiresome illness indeed.”

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air and exercise.”

Diabetes Quotes

Funny Diabetes Quotes

“A doctor can always bury his mistakes. An architect can only advise his client to plant ivy.”

“Diabetes is a disease that’s had a deep impact on my family. My little brother has had type 1 diabetessince he was a baby and I have spent time learning about the disease and trying to bring attention to it so that one day soon we will reach a cure.”

“Life is not over because you have diabetes. Make the most of what you have, be grateful.”

“When it comes to cooking now, my motto is “out with the whites!”

“My diabetes is such a central part of my life… it did teach me discipline… it also taught me about moderation… I’ve trained myself to be super -vigilant…..because I feel better when I am in control.”

Diabetes Quotes

“Insulin Is Not A Cure – It’S Life Support.”

“One Day I Would Love To Say I Had Diabetes.”

“Disease does not occur unexpectedly, it is the result of constant violation of Nature’s laws. Spreading and accumulation of such violations transpire suddenly in the form of a disease – but it only seems sudden.”

“My Pancreas Is On Strike.”

“Who’s Your Sugarmomma ?”

Diabetes Quotes

“Recommending gastric bypass as a national solution for our diabetes epidemic is bad medicine and bad economics.”

“People with high blood pressure, diabetes – those are conditions brought about my lifestyle. If you change the lifestyle, those conditions will leave.”

“Diabetes The Silent Killer Which Kills Part By Part Of Our Life.”

“When enough people care about autism or diabetes or global warming, it helps everyone, even if only a tiny fraction actively participate.”

So, We hope you all get Inspire and Aware more about Health Issue and it’s Importance by this Post. Be Good Eat Good and Do exercise Daily for Healthy Life.

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