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Propecia: Things to Know, Side Effects and Warnings


 The Propecia is a medication, that is medication that will prevent D.H.T. from being converted in the body. It is a common treatment used for hair loss and baldness in men. While women and children could suffer from hair loss, Propecia should only be used by men to help with baldness and hair loss.

What to Know Before Taking Propecia


 You will need to have a consultation with your doctor before having this medication. They will ask about your medical history including whether you have had issues with prostate cancer, bladder disorders, or liver disease. You should also be aware that taking this medicine could increase your risk of prostate cancer.

 Your doctor needs to know your full medical history to make sure it is safe for you to take this medication. It works as an effective treatment for baldness and hair loss in men, but the benefits need to be weighed against the risks for each individual patient.

How to Take Propecia

 Only take this medication when it is prescribed by a doctor. They will tell you the exact dosage you should take to see results. Never take a larger dosage than recommended and stop taking the medication if your doctor recommends this. Even if the baldness is not healing as quickly as you would like, taking too much Propecia can cause other complications.

 Take Propecia with a full glass of water, but you can choose to take it with food or not. Try to take the medicine at the same time every day to make it easier to remember. To get the most benefit out of the medication, you must make sure to use it regularly. Depending on the individual, you may need to take the medication daily for three or more months before you see much benefits.

If you have taken the drug for twelve months and not seen much difference, then the treatment will stop. It is unlikely after this time that you will see any benefits with further treatment. You will need to be on Propecia long-term if it works. All hair gain will be lost within 12 months if you decide to stop the medication.

What are the Side Effects?

 Propecia is safe for most men to take to help with some baldness issues that you may have. However, if there is a severe allergic reaction, you need to get in touch with emergency services as soon as possible. There are less serious side effects that can include:

  • – Skin rash and runny nose
  • – Headache
  • – Feeling dizzy and weak and like you will pass out
  • – Tenderness and swelling in the breasts which can be a sign of male breast cancer
  • – Swelling in the feet and hands
  • – Impotence or a loss of interest in sex

These are side effects that you may see when you take this kind of medicine. You should still discuss this with your doctor to make sure it is not a sign of something worse.

Attention – Warnings

 The propecia medication should only be taken by men, never by women and children. It is best for women and children to not even handle the tablets as the main ingredient inside can absorb through the skin.

There are a number of reasons why this medication is not good for these groups. Women exposed to the medication, for example, could have cause birth defects. It is best for women to not handle or use the medication at all.

Using this medication can increase your risk of prostate cancer. Before you start taking it, your doctor is likely to perform tests to make sure the Propecia is safe to take. Call your doctor immediately if you have lumps, pain, or discharge from the breast as this can be a sign of breast cancer for men.