60+ Inspiring Quotes about Learning and Education

Quotes about Learning

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” – Brad Henry

“A little learning is a dangerous thing.” – Alexander Pope

“Research is creating new knowledge.” – Neil Armstrong

“Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.”- Warren Bennis

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Quotes About Learning

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” – B.B. King

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein

“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” – Leonardo da Vinci

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Quotes About Learning

“The ability to speak exactly is intimately related to the ability to know exactly.” – Wendell Berry

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” – Pele

“Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed.”- Terry Goodkind

“Developing a desire to learn is the kindling point of all classroom achievement.”- Robert John Meehan

“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.” – Albert Einstein

Quotes About Learning

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

“Learning is synthesizing seemingly divergent ideas and data.” – Terry Heick

“It’s great to reminisce about good memories of my past. It was enjoyable when it was today. So learning to enjoy today has two benefits: it gives me happy right now, and it becomes a good memory later.” – George Foreman

“If a person will spend one hour a day on the same subject for five years, that person will be an expert on that subject.”- Earl Nightingale

“Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.” – Tena Desae

Quotes About Learning

“Never mistake a single mistake with a final mistake.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

“The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.”- Mortimer Adler

“The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process, and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity. Usually, growth comes at the expense of previous comfort or safety.” – Josh Waitzkin

“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.” – Earl Nightingale

“He who learns but does not think is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.” – Confucius

Quotes About Learning

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” – Colin Powell

“A good teacher must be able to put himself in the place of those who find learning hard.” – Eliphas Levi

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” – Richard Branson

“Learning life’s lessons is not about making your life perfect, but about seeing life as it was meant to be.”- Elisabeth Kubler

“The world is a university and everyone in it is a teacher. Make sure when you wake up in the morning, you go to school.” – T. D. Jakes

Quotes About Learning

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

“Many people feel so pressured by the expectations of others that it causes them to be frustrated, miserable and confused about what they should do. But there is a way to live a simple, joy-filled, peaceful life, and the key is learning how to be led by the Holy Spirit, not the traditions or expectations of man.”- Joyce Meyer

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

“A plant needs roots in order to grow. With man, it is the other way around: only when he grows does he have roots and feels at home in the world.” – Eric Hoffer

“You cannot help but learn more as you take the world into your hands. Take it up reverently, for it is an old piece of clay, with millions of thumbprints on it.” – John Updike

Quotes About Learning

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” – Leo Buscaglia

“The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to close it again on something solid.” – G. K. Chesterton

“I never learned from a man who agreed with me.” – Robert A. Heinlein

“Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has a purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.”- Elisabeth Kubler

“There is an amazing power getting to know your inner self and learning how to use it and not fight with the world. If you know what makes you happy, your personality, interests, and capabilities, just use them, and everything else flows beautifully.” – Juhi Chawla

Quotes About Learning

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

“You aren’t learning anything when you’re talking.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

“Each life is made up of mistakes and learning, waiting and growing, practicing patience and being persistent.” – Billy Graham

“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.” – Winston Churchill

“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.” – Martin Fisher

Quotes About Learning

“There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” – Clay P. Bedford

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.” – Abigail Adams

“If you think education is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance.” – Howard Gardner

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