Site Info & Frequently Asked Question

Q.) What is MysticQuote?

A.) As Name Suggest MysticQuote is a Huge Collection of Quotes, Sayings, Slogans though You can also Find Messages, Wishes and Whatsapp Status with Beautiful Greeting Cards.

Q.) Where we Collected the Images and Pics that is being Used in MysticQuote?

A.) Most of the Images and Posters in Posts are Hand-made, Though We Collected Some Images and Poster around the Internet and we gave them PROPER ATTRIBUTES for that. “In case If you find Some Images and Pics belongs to You and Without Attributes Just Shoot us a Mail with Proper Data and Your Information that will Prove that the Art is Belongs to you before you File any Copyright Issue.”

Q.) Can I use the Images/Pics and Posters from MysticQuote?

A.) Sure. But there is Only One Small Condition. Please Make sure that You have Given Us Thanks Giving ATTRIBUTE by Link back to Our Site. It will be Grateful for Us.

Q.) Do you agree with all the quotes?

A.) NO. We do agree with many of them (Quotes), yes, which is one reason We added them to our collection. In some instances, We will post a quote for its historical value, for example, to show how far we have come over the years regarding social issues. All Quotes somehow Listed and Said by their Owners and Famous Personalities so It is Possible that You can found Same Quotes In Different Blog. We don’t have Authority to Modify them Because It is Made by them.

Q.) Can I advertise on your site?

A.) YES. MysticQuote is Growing Day by Day, We have a Great Number of Pageviews and Quality and Focused Traffic. If You want to Advertise on MysticQuote Just Shoot us a Mail at [email protected] 

Q.) How do I contact You?

A.) It’s Simple You can Shoot an Email at [email protected]

Q.) Do you have any Other Social Media Groups?

A.) YES. You can Join us on Facebook, TwitterYoutubeGoogle+ and Pinterest.